Why Vinamilk fresh milk in rectangular containers, while Coca re contained in cylindrical cans?

Thứ 4, 02/11/2016, 09:00 AM
The containers with aluminum cans of Pepsi or Coca circular cylinder is due to this type of design to withstand high pressures generated by carbonated beverages. Furthermore, users often drink directly from the can straight up while holding circular cylindrical cans will feel more comfortable.
In contrast, consumers rarely drink milk straight from the box design should facilitate customers holding milk cartons on hand is not really necessary.

Besides, the external packaging design aesthetic and attention to consumer tastes, manufacturers also need to pay attention to the display shelf space. Obviously, the glove with circular cylindrical cans would cost more space with more rectangular space wasted.

However, manufacturers of non-alcoholic refreshments were aware of this.
These beverages such as Pepsi or Coke can to the shelf without leave in the freezer and no other additional costs. So space-saving elements displayed on shelves less important than feelings and tastes of consumers when designing cans.
In contrast, non-pasteurized milk box preservatives such as TH Milk often have to stop cold if not broken. We spend quite a lot of energy costs as well as operation. So the space on the shelf in the freezer is very precious and rectangular design is to increase the benefits manufacturers when costs increase.
This is a basic principle of cost-benefit economics in which the manufacturer has applied strictly when designing product packaging.
Source: cafebiz.vn