Why Coca-Cola, Pepsi cans to higher production, constant capacity which consume more than the aluminum shell?

Thứ 2, 31/10/2016, 17:00 PM
The function of an aluminum can is usually recommended size containers and cans of soft drinks popular in the world typically contain about 335ml of liquid, is designed cylindrical with a height nearly double the width (12cm high, diameter of the bottom 6 , 5cm).
However, if the manufacturer made lower aluminum cans to the bottom, they can save substantial material. For example, an aluminum can with a height of 7.6 cm bottom diameter 7,8cm and will save about 30% of aluminum material that still contain equal amounts of liquid.

Still, one thing is quite surprising that the current manufacturers increasingly tend to release the aluminum cans with elongated style, though they cost more raw materials.

The primary cause is consumers easily fooled by visual vertical design. For example, when looking at the photo below, the majority of people believe that a longer vertical bar, when in fact they are equal.

Similarly, customers can not purchase lower cans, saying they contain less water.

However, if the illusion is the only reason, the only company producing cans of lowering the production and labeling that they have a constant net weight. Lowering the water cans will reduce raw material cost savings and competitive advantage in the market price.

Unfortunately, in addition to hallucinations, consumers today prefer the tall cans, more elongated and that they are willing to give a net weight of products with the same price, or pay more to use holding type aluminum cans elongated "trendy" it.
This is similar to the traveler willing to pay higher prices in hotels to get a rented room has views of the sea nice, or who do not want to be fined for speeding will pay more money to buy cars warning device fitted speeding allows.

Sometimes, the features in the product design reflects a very delicate considerations of manufacturers for consumer behavior.

Source: Cafebiz.vn