Today the complex variety of articles of wide consumption products must be carefully analyzed so that we can offer to the customer personalized solutions and consulting services. Moreover, we have to confront with the growing development of the industry production, processing and packaging of products in areas such as: food, beverage, cosmetics, with increasingly strict requirements regarding hygiene safety in production and quality of products.

The production range includes complete packaging lines or standalone machine for a wide range of products such as wine, beer, soft drinks, food, edible oil, fruit juices, sauces, etc. and with any kinds of container (bottle, jar, bag…).

Since MNB’s foundation, we has been operating according to a policy based on the “customer satisfaction” with main concerns of the personalization of the machines according to the specific requests of the customers.
High tech components and materials of prime quality, special care for the manufacture of the single components, prompt and specialized assistance are the characteristics of our policy. High quality, reliability and flexibility are the common characteristics of all our equipment. For this reason, it is possible to use these machines for different applications in many fields such as food, beverage, cosmetics.

- Automatic complete line for beverage, food, cosmetics, pharmacy, etc.

- Processing and packaging of pharmacy, cosmetics and health care.

- Food processing.

- Automation machine and robotics.

- Spare parts, consumable and technical services for automation line

 MNB thanks for the trust and support from our partners so that we can provide for customers with the best machines, best quality of production.


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