Filling line for oil

Filling line for oil

-  0.5L - 1L bottle:  3.000 - 60.000 bph
-  5L bottle:  1.000 - 15.000 bph
-  20L cntainer:  100 - 5.000 bph

Technical features:

- Double inlet screw that allows to treat even very difficult containers such as light shaped PET bottles

- The bottles are centered below the nozzles by means of special pincers,

- Possibility to install between the filling turret and thef capping a leveling system, which keeps constant the level of the product in all the bottles (in case of glass bottles, where the internal volume can vary considerably from one bottle to another)

- Changeover times very low, thanks to the possibility of adopting a system with double capping turret (so no changeover operation when changing cap) or capper equipped to deal with two types of caps

- PLC program optimized for edible oil filling

- Fast product changeover system

Automatic compensation system of the filling volume according  to the product temperature